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Cheap Vibrators

If you are looking for sex toys and sexy lingerie to spark up your sex life, give our online private shop a visit. We have the latest sexy lingerie, sex toys, appendages, and gadgets to tickle and titillate your genitals and your partner’s. The sex toys and Sexy Lingerie will take your intimacy with your partner to another level altogether. They allow lots of interaction between you and your partner and will bring your’l closer together. The abundance and variety of items we have available will keep you breathless and sexually excited for hours on end. Each sex toys we have also targets and provides your genitals with different sensations so you don’t get bored with them. Your partner’s vagina or cock will become a new place of worship. We encourage you to become a loyal member of our store and come back to try out all our sex toys.

Sexy play

Our sexy lingerie range is racy, lacey, sheer, and queer. They are so visually appealing that it would turn you on the instant you see your partner wearing it and make your every fantasy a reality. We have outfits that allow you to role play and heighten your sexual desire and we cater for all body types. We’ve got you covered from teasing your partner visually, to role play, to foreplay to heightened sexual intercourse. Our products will have you screaming for pleasure and bring out genital sensations and experiences that you have never felt before. Let your partner take control of your sex toy and give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had. Our private shop will turn your private bedroom into a pleasure dome. We also guarantee the best quality products at the best prices so you won’t need to go anywhere else.

When you visit our shop you can expect the following sex toys products:


Cheap Vibrators

A vibrator is a sex toy that comes in different shapes and sizes. They are electric powered and produce a buzzing or throbbing pulse. They are generally placed on the genitals and sensitive areas of the body to tease and stimulate a person. They are so powerful that they normally bring a person to orgasm. Our bullet vibrators are shaped like a bullet and is about the same size as well. They are small enough to just slip under your panty wherever you go and to use when you need a pleasure fix. Our butterfly vibrators have thin straps around your stomach and thighs and hold in place a patch that fits snugly on your vagina, and when switched on, vibrates on your vagina. Our clitoral vibrators come in bullet and egg shapes and can be placed on the clitoris for external stimulation. The finger and tongue vibrators encourage couple participation. Your partner slips his fingers through the rings on the back of the tongue shaped toy which has tiny bubbles that mimic the taste receptors on an actual tongue. Your partner then takes control and then massages your vagina with it while it vibrates. We also have extra powerful vibrators and extra quiet vibrators depending on your preference of sensation and where you want to use it. Our G-spot vibrators are generally curved upwards at the tip so that it reaches your G-spot easily when inserted into your vagina. The rabbit vibrator was made popular by the movie Sex and the City. It also has an upward curve at the tip to reach the G spot and has an extra appendage over the front which sticks out and tickles the clit while it is inserted into the vagina. Of course we have the traditional realistic dildo vibrators which is in the shape and size of a cock providing a realistic sensation of actual intercourse.

Click this link to see our full range of vibrators.

Buy today from our online private shop using Discount code CV10 on checkout for 10% off your order today.


Our non-vibrating dildos, are moulded into realistic looking cocks and come in different sizes, curvatures, girth’s, and colors. They can be used to imitate sexual intercourse.

Click this link to see our full range of dildos

Butt Plug

Butt plugs

Butt plugs can be used on men and women during foreplay. They are inserted into the butt and provided added sensation. There are many different styles and themes to choose from such as butt plugs with fox tails (tail butt plugs) which stick out of your but when inserted, or butt plugs that look like huge gem stone sticking out of your ass (jewelled butt plugs), or a flower shape on the exterior. Some are made of glass (glass butt plugs), some are inflatable (inflatable butt plugs), some are vibrating (vibrating butt plugs), and they also come in different sizes (like large butt plugs) depending on whether you are a novice or seasoned user.

Click this link to see our full range of butt plugs.

Cock Rings

A cock ring is a sex toy for men. It is a ring that surrounds the base of the cock and enables a man to stay harder for longer and delays ejaculation. The varieties that we have are: adjustable cock rings, cock ring sets, metal cock rings, rabbit cock rings, rechargeable cock rings, stretchy cock rings, and vibrating cock rings. Our rabbit cock rings, have two small bunny ears that stick out at the top so while a man’s cock is penetrating a woman’s vagina with his cock ring on, the bunny ears tickles and stimulates the woman’s clitoris.

Click this link to see our full range of cock rings.

Anal Sex Toys

Our anal sex toys encompass all toys that can pleasure and fill the butt hole of a man or woman. During foreplay you can just slide in one of our toys into your butt or your partner’s butt, to provide extra stimulation and sensation to get you and your partner into a sexual mood. The variety that we have are: anal beads, anal dildo and tools, anal vibrators, beginners anal toys, butt plugs, douches and enemas, male prostate toys, and oversized anal toys.

Click this link to see our full range of anal sex toys.

Strap On’s

A strap on is a nice toy for lesbian couples. It is similar to a G string with a dildo attached at the front and sticks out over a woman’s vagina. It can be used to penetrate your female lover’s vagina or even your male lover’s butt if your’l enjoy the stimulation it provides. We even have double penetration strap on’s, which is a dildo with cock head’s at both ends so both females can enjoy penetrating each other at the same time. Our main varieties are: Standard strap on’s, double penetration strap on’s, double strap on’s, hollow strap on’s, strap on harnesses and kits, strap on dildos, vac u lock strap on’s, and vibrating strap on’s.

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Love Eggs and Jiggle Balls


Love eggs and jiggle balls are know to give your pelvic muscles a workout. A love egg is an egg shaped sex toy that vibrates. You can stretch your vagina lips with you fingers and place it on your hole and massage to give you intense squirting orgasm’s. Jiggle balls are ping pong sized balls connected together by a piece of string or rubber piece. Each ball has a smaller weighted ball inside it. When you insert the balls inside your vagina they vibrate and the smaller balls move about in their larger balls providing you extra pleasure as they vibrate and ping around inside your vagina. Our varieties in this category are: love eggs and jiggle balls, Jiggle balls and ben wa balls, Kegel exercises and Kegel sets, Remote control love eggs, vibrating love eggs.

Click this link to see our full range of love eggs and jiggle balls.


Sex Lubricants

Lubricants provide slipperiness, ease of penetrating and sliding in and out of the vagina and tingling sensations to your genitals. Our varieties are: anal lubes, fisting lubes, flavored lubes, lubes for men, lubricant applicators, organic lubricants, silicone lubes, warming and tingling lubes, and water based lubes.

Click this link to see our full range of lubricants.

Sex Toy Essentials

These are some maintenance and cleaning items we have that are needed for your sex toys to function well and remain hygienic. The essentials we have are: batteries for sex toys, chargers and adaptors, sex toy accessories, sex toy cleaners, and sex toy storage.

Click this link to see our full range of Sex Toy Essentials.

Bras and Bra Sets

Sexy bra sets

Our Bra’s and bra sets are kinky, alluring, and attention grabbing. They highlight a woman’s breasts and curves and promote a longing desire for her. They can be sheer, or lace, or nipple exposing. They plant the seed of sexual desire in your head and your partners and sets the scene for a passionate experience. We have the following varieties: bra and bra sets, sexy bra sets, sexy padded bras, sexy opening bras, push up bras, sexy underwired bras, sexy big bras, sexy stockings, and sexy hosiery.

Click this link to see our full range of Bra’s and bra sets.

Buy today from our online private shop using Discount code CV10 on checkout for 10% off your order today.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie

Sexy lingerie is the complete woman’s outfit and enhances her natural beauty, emphasising her sexy figure. They are designed to make a woman feel sexually confident and tease the mind of a man. The sight of sheer or lace lingerie can drive a man sexually wild. They range from one piece leotards to G-string and bra sets, and can include garters, and other kinky underwear styles. The varieties we have are: lingerie sets, baby dolls & chemises, basques, corsets & bustiers, bodies and teddies, sexy body stockings, bridal lingerie, cami sets, crotchless underwear, sexy gloves, nipple tassels and pasties, one size lingerie, sexy robes, sexy kimonos, see through dresses, sexy nightwear, underwired lingerie.

Click this link to see our full range of Sexy lingerie.

Sexy Plus Size

These lingerie items cater for the more voluptuous woman. They include all our regular sexy lingerie in a bigger plus size.

The types of sexy plus size items we have are: Sexy Plus Size, Plus Size Babydoll, Plus Size Basques and Corsets, Plus Size Bodystockings & Body Suits, Plus Size Bras and Bra Sets, Plus Size Camisole Sets, Plus Size Chemises,  Plus Size Clubwear & Dresses, Plus Size Costumes, Plus Size Crotchless Underwear, Plus size Kimonos, Plus Size Knickers, Plus Size Robes, Plus Size Sexy Costumes, Plus Size Sexy Sleepwear, and Queen Size Lingerie.

Click this link to see our full range of Sexy Plus Size.

Sexy Costumes


These sexy dress outfits bring sexual fantasies into reality. There are many varieties to enable role play as well. They add a different dimension to intimacy, and enables couples to experiment with situations and uniforms and personalities they find sexually attractive. The outfits we have are: sexy costumes, sexy accessories, bunny girls, fantasy and role play costumes, french maids and butlers, novelty and edible underwear, nurse uniforms, plus size costumes, schoolgirl costumes, sexy cop costumes, sexy secretary outfits, sexy wigs, sexy clothing, see through mini dresses, sexy catsuits, and sexy club wear.

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Buy today from our online private shop using Discount code CV10 on checkout for 10% off your order today.

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